The Company

TY IMPORT & EXPORT SDN BHD, a leading Fresh Vegetables and Seasonal Fresh Fruits Importer, incorporated in Malaysia on 3rd January 1998 under the Companies Act, 1965.

We Import & Distribute Fresh Leafy/Non-Leafy Vegetables, Cress, Melon/Gourd, Root Tubers, Mushroom & Seasonal Fruits to Local Market Nationwide.

We are a HACCP Certified Company.

We lay emphasize on our Quality Control to maintain the Freshness of our Products.

We are the very first company that started to import vegetables with Air Freight Forwarding Service.

We are the very first company that stored vegetables with Polystyrene Boxes.


Our History

In Year 1998, TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd started up with its first business base in one of the Pandan Indah Shop Lot.

Due to the business expansion over the years, the company moved to Ampang, Selangor in Year 2006, with a Plant that possess size of >10,000 square feet with an exclusively built cold room, with 3 different temperature levels in it.

As the business growth, with the high demand from the North of Malaysia (Esp. State of Perak and Penang). We set up branch in Ipoh in Year 2010 to cater the market needs and we are now one of the major Fresh Vegetables & Seasonal Fruits Distributer there, thanks to our outstanding reputations in Kuala Lumpur.


Our Food Safety & Quality Assurance

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Direct From Farm

Direct Order From Farm

All the Vegetables that we ordered are packed and collected directly from Farm in China, none of them are from wholesale markets or food stores.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Import Via Air Freight Forwarding

Import via Air Freight Forwarding

We are proud to be the very first company that started to import vegetables with Air Freight Forwarding Service instead of Cargo Ship.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Polystyrene Box Packaging

Polystyrene Box Packaging

We are also the very first company that stored vegetables with Polystyrene Boxes to maintain the Quality & Freshness & Quality of our Products.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Professional Cold Storage

Professional Cold Storage

We stored our Vegetable with appropriate temperatures in various refrigerate conditions to maintain the freshness of our Vegetables.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - HACCP Certified

HACCP Certified

In year 2011, we successfully obtained International HACCP Management Certificate, we are in full compliance & continually operating with the application’s guideline.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Continuous Improvement Approach

Continuous Improvement Approach

Our efforts put in on continuous improvement and maintenance on our Facilities, SOP and Quality Control pays off, we are proud and happy being a Trusted Provider by distributing quality products.


Our Core Business & Market

We import Day-To-Day Fresh Vegetables and Seasonal Fresh Fruits (mainly from China) and distribute to our local customers nationwide.

Our customers include Local Wholesalers, Major Hypermarkets (GIANT, COLD STORAGE and JAYA GROCER), Supermarkets and Mass Markets.

We also distribute our Products to Major Hotels that located in Kuala Lumpur, they are Hotel Renaissance, One World Hotel, Prince Hotel, Resorts World Berhad, and Intercontinental Hotel to name a few.

In year 2011, we successfully signed contract with Star Cruises as their food supplier, this is one of our remarkable milestone and it became one of our great testimony.


Our Founder

Our Founder, Mr Lee Chong An interested in study, research and explore on Plantation Technique and Agricultures related technologies.

He often flying over to China to perform site visit farm to farm, sharing information for improvement.

He also attend Fruit & Vegetables Exhibitions on schedule, explore business opportunities and bring in new variety of vegetables to the local markets.


To be the dominant Fresh Vegetables Importer; develop persistent businesses in the remaining reachable regions.

Our Vision

To supply Safe & Fresh Vegetables to the people nationwide by sustaining the high level of customer satisfaction & maintaining our high product quality as well as propelling long-term continuous improvement approach.

Our Mission