TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Direct From Farm

Direct Order From Farm

All the Vegetables that we ordered are packed and collected directly from Farm in China, none of them are from wholesale markets or food stores.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Import Via Air Freight Forwarding

Import via Air Freight Forwarding

We are proud to be the very first company that started to import vegetables with Air Freight Forwarding Service instead of Cargo Ship.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Polystyrene Box Packaging

Polystyrene Box Packaging

We are also the very first company that stored vegetables with Polystyrene Boxes to maintain the Quality & Freshness & Quality of our Products.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Professional Cold Storage

Professional Cold Storage

We stored our Vegetable with appropriate temperatures in various refrigerate conditions to maintain the freshness of our Vegetables.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - HACCP Certified

HACCP Certified

In year 2011, we successfully obtained International HACCP Management Certificate, we are in full compliance & continually operating with the application’s guideline.

TY Import & Export Sdn Bhd - Continuous Improvement Approach

Continuous Improvement Approach

Our efforts put in on continuous improvement and maintenance on our Facilities, SOP and Quality Control pays off, we are proud and happy being a Trusted Provider by distributing quality products.

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